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Keep alive KA1100RK

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EAN code 0650435110302

Houdt uw aas en vangsten levend met deze keepalive 12 volt zoet en zout water pompen

We kunnen de pomp professioneel voor u inbouwen, graag dan even een afspraak via mail of telefoon


Our KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor ®  Recirculating Kits, the KA700RK and K1100RK  are the ideal systems for keeping bait and catch alive when trailering home, to another fishing site, or to the tournament weigh-in station. 

They dramatically increases the ability of your present system to sustain a greater number of fish. 

The KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor ®Recirculating Kits can be used as a back-up system when entering foul water by turning off the primary system and leaving the KeepAlive®   system running. The KeepAlive®  
Recirculating Kit includes: 

  • Pump with patented KeepAlive®  processor. 
  • Air Control Center. 
  • Steel Mesh Strainer. 
  • KA113-90 3/4" or KA113A 1 1/8" Directional Discharge.



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